About us

Mission moves - connects - opens

We are a fellowship of Protestant churches and mission societies on three continents. We are inspired and bound together by faith in Jesus Christ and set our hopes on the kingdom of God. We meet people different from ourselves in a spirit of openness and respect. Together we are committed to the right to life and, in particular, to the rights of those who are vulnerable, poor and excluded.

Our network is non-hierarchical and constantly adapting to necessities. The praying communities, bodies and committees, youth and women. The communication departments, volunteers with their different vintages, members of the synods. The ecumenical desks, the mission associations with their connections, EMS projects and diaconal institutions, donors and sponsors. The schools, seminaries and universities, groups cooperating in specific EMS programmes - they all weave EMS threads and interweave with others. Vibrations at one end of the web are being felt all over the network.

As the new EMS Constitution from 2012 created an association of members with equal rights "internationalisation" is one of our main objectives for the future. Therefore, all programmes and actions shall have an international character. The youth and younger generation are also very important for us. All programmes and actions we plan shall allow the next generation to be part wherever it is possible.