This year, the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) celebrates its 50th anniversary. On 18 September 2022, we cordially invite the congregations of all 25 EMS member churches in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe to celebrate this jubilee with us in a globally networked worship service. We have prepared various materials for you for this purpose.

Celebrate a worship service together in faith – in joy – internationally

The EMS Jubilee Song "Together we are Free" is in the centre of the worship service. We have invited music groups in the worldwide EMS network to record their own version of the song and send it to us. Here is the result – a medley of 17 international music videos that you can show in your worship service on 18 September. The 6-minute video illustrates the musical, cultural and creative diversity of the EMS fellowship and what mission means in practice today.


Celebrate a worldwide worship service in your congregation!


EMS Jubilee Service

Song Sheet

EMS Jubilee Service

Sermon Sample

EMS Jubilee Service

Indonesian Worship Materials

EMS Jubilee Service

Printables: E M S – Letters

EMS Jubilee Service

Announcement Text

EMS Jubilee Service

Indian Worship Materials

EMS Jubilee Service

Musical Epilogue

The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity introduces itself with pictures; musically accompanied by the jubilee song "Together We Are Free".


The Lord's Prayer is the oldest common prayer of Christians and is said in every church worship service. Jesus himself taught the prayer to his disciples. Do you recognise the Lord's Prayer when you hear it in another language?

Rev. Nii Armah Ashittey
Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)

Our Father in Heaven...

Romena Gorai
Church of North India (CNI)

Min-Ha LEE
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

Rev. Georgina Kwanima Boateng
Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)

International Versions of the EMS Anniversary Song "Together We Are Free"

What happens when you send a song around the world and invite 25 million people to make something of their own out of it? The musician and pastor Fabian Vogt composed the song "Together We Are Free" for the 50th anniversary of the EMS. With it he echoes the motto of the EMS jubilee: “Free for the future”.

„...So many different cultures, and I am different too,
but a common longing will change our point of view.
So, let us share our future, and let our hope increase,
let us be ambassadors of peace...“

Home of Imagination-Olyfa, Papua

United Theological College in Bangalore, India

United Theological Seminary in Kerala, India

Moravian Church in South Africa (MCSA)


Theological Seminary in Tamilnadu, India

Theodor Schneller School, Jordan


Children of the Toraja Church, Indonesia


Church choir from Crailsheim at the Regional Mission Festival, Germany



Choir of the Asian Rural Institute in Nasushiobara, Japan


Christian Deaf Community ("Sahabat Tuli"), Indonesia



Staff of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity, Germany


Mandelzweigband of the Protestant Congregation of Schönau, Germany


Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH), Indonesia

Capronhall Higher Secondary School in Madurai, India

Capronhall Higher Secondary School in Madurai (classical dance), India


Presbyterian Church of Korea

Amity Foundation, China

Youth Network of the Indonesian Member Churches

Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)

Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)


In the spirit of the EMS Jubilee motto "Free for the Future", we would like to make the future possible for the children of this world in the Jubilee Year. On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we therefore appeal for your collection to support the EMS Future Fund for children and young people!

With your help, the EMS is supporting children and young people worldwide. In South India we support children's homes for needy or orphaned girls and boys. In Jordan, we enable visually impaired and blind children to be taught together with sighted children. In Indonesia, young people receive vocational training so that they can earn their own living. In many other EMS projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, too, children are given access to a better future through the work of the EMS member churches.

Give children and young people prospects for the future with a collection from your congregation. 

Your contribution to the future!

Give children and young people prospects for the future with a collection from your congregation.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any general questions, please use the contact form below. We are also happy to help you personally if you have any questions or require further information – by phone or by E-mail.



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General Secretary

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Assistant General Secretariat

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