Our Finances

The financial basis of EMS work

The worldwide EMS Fellowship finances its common concerns and projects by

  • grants from member churches
  • church collections
  • donations
  • sale of products
  • interest revenue

The EMS performs ecumenical, social welfare and missionary work globally. Therefor, it is a competence centre for its member churches and for parties interested in international topics. These tasks can only be performed sustainably in an international association to ensure the objectivity and up-to-dateness of information.

Collections from church parishes and donations from individuals are becoming increasingly important for the EMS. Donations stem from the occasion of a birthday, as a thank-you for a safe journey, as part of the earnings from a parish bazaar or an action by confirmation candidates. All these are possibilities for providing support. In addition there are many different opportunities for people to show their commitment to EMS projects.

We would be delighted to advise and support you with further information.