Our mission

The Theological Guidelines of the EMS Fellowship state that "Mission is first and foremost God's economy (oikonomia) for the world, in the act of creation, in the history with humankind, in Jesus Christ and in the power of the Spirit. Our witness is our response and our participation in God's compassionate and transforming love which is extended to all of humankind, particularly to the vulnerable and endangered." As "the gospel concerns all dimensions of life, our witness is holistic."

Our Participation in God's Mission

EMS witnesses to all people in word and deed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and participates in fulfilling his mandate to engage in mission. It promotes attentive and respectful encounters over cultural and religious borders, works to enhance life and, in particular, advocates for the rights of vulnerable, poor and marginalized people. EMS brings partnership to life through mutual empowerment and solidarity, learning together, common planning, decisions and actions, and through the sharing of resources, gifts and abilities.

Our Mission

We have set ourselves ambitious targets. The EMS raises the duty which all Christians have to an international level: "God our Saviour, who desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." (1st Epistle to Timothy 2:4). That is our duty. That is our mission. In detail it means the following:

• We carry out joint missionary programmes.
• We support member churches locally.
• The EMS stands by its members in crisis situations.
• It raises its voice on behalf of its members.
• We send co-workers to carry out missionary and welfare service at other churches.
• We support the partnership work of our members.
• We promote ecumenical learning.
• We promote cross-cultural exchange.
• We provide financial support to missionary and theological projects of our members.
• We support social work and education.
• We provide funds for programmes to combat poverty, justice and peace and preserve the creation in our member churches.