EMS Secretariat

This is where all the threads come together

The Secretariat in Stuttgart conducts the everyday business of the EMS. It is managed by the General Secretary and two deputies.

The EMS Secretariat is at your service:

  • It participates in thinking about the mission of Jesus Christ today.
  • It initiates programmes in member churches and mission societies.
  • It conducts joint projects with members.
  • It supports projects of the EMS Fellowship.
  • It refers and accompanies Ecumenical Co-Workers in member churches.
  • It coordinates and supports young adults during their work in the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme.
  • It supplies materials for worship services and the spiritual life of its members.
  • It provides information on concerns of member churches and their countries.
  • It creates platforms for members all over the world to getacquainted and share life concerns with each other.
  • It assists in campaigns and actions for peace, justice and the preservation of the creation.
  • It advertises for donations and funds from the churches.