The Basel Family

God’s spirit connects people – even across national, denominational and cultural borders. We have been finding this out in our work for almost 200 years. Our sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia and South America associate educational and partnership activity with the name Basel Mission. The Basel Family today comprises churches from the South and North, who act towards one another in a spirit of equality and respect. They seek to live out God’s mission together in both their words and their actions.

The Basel Mission German Branch (BMDZ) understands itself as a bridge in the spirit of the Basel Mission. It links up with the historical heritage of the Basel Mission and supports the present activity, which is now carried on by mission 21. The unique Halbbatzen collection for the mission activity dates back over 150 years (the name derives from an obsolete Swiss coin). Without the faithful volunteers who have personally collected contributions all that time, the educational and partnership activity between North and South would not have been possible.

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