Dialogue and science

The German East Asia Mission (DOAM) is an unusual mission society because it stems from the liberal theology of the 19th century. Founded in 1884 by Swiss and German representatives in Weimar, it has always attached importance to studying religions and dialogue with people of other faith. The East Asia Mission was mainly active in China and Japan. DOAM’s work in Japan led in the 1970s to the founding of the Tomisaka Christian Center in Tokyo, which has since worked on questions of social ethics.

When EMS and the Berlin Mission were founded, DOAM integrated into both of them. It has, however, retained some responsibilities of its own: the accompanying of support groups, particularly in eastern Germany, conducting an annual study conference on East Asia; issuing an East Asian newsletter and maintaining a website with a lot of topical information about the network of relations with churches there. In all of this, DOAM supports mission societies and takes part in theological discussions with and in East Asia.

EMS Liaision Secretary for East Asia and India Solomon P. Benjamin is also DOAM Executive Secretary.