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Photo of Jürgen  Reichel

Jürgen Reichel

General Secretary
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 -21

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"God has a particular story with people, taking them beyond their own horizons. In that way Christian faith grows. From the very beginning Christians have believed, thought and acted across cultures and borders. Today the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity allows us to make this experience in Asia, Africa and Europe: God's story continues in all parts of the world. "

Photo of Kerstin  Neumann

Kerstin Neumann

Deputy General Secretary / Head of Department Mission and Partnership
Tel.: + 49 711 636 78 –33

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Photo of Rudolf  Bausch

Rudolf Bausch

General Manager / Head of Department Administration and Finance
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –15

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„I am proud to be part of the “Mission in Solidarity“ and its future course. We need to be constantly aware of how important ecumenical relations are. These partnerships contribute to the alleviation of injustice and suffering in the world. It is my wish that the EMS Fellowship keeps alive this awareness in church and society.”

Liaison Desks

Photo of Solomon Paul Benjamin

Solomon Paul Benjamin

Liasion Secretary East Asia and India / Executive Secretary German East Asia Mission
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –42

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Photo of Riley  Edwards–Raudonat

Riley Edwards–Raudonat

Liaison Secretary Africa
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –14

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“For years now, the African continent has held a special attraction for me, in particular the hospitality and the optimistic spirit of the Africans themselves. In Africa, people don’t shy away from a challenge, even if their resources may only be meager. After all: ‘What is impossible for mortals is possible for God’ (Luke 18:27).”

Photo of Uwe  Gräbe

Uwe Gräbe

Liasion Secretary Middle East / Executive Secretary Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –37

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"The Middle East is both fascinating and frightening. I have been 'hooked' to this region with its people, its religions, its cultures for years. It was here that God became flesh. This is the place where our faith is rooted. Extraordinary hospitality and latent tension are often intertwined. Despite the ongoing political crisis, there are many examples of a peaceful co-existence in mutual respect."

Photo of Hans  Heinrich

Hans Heinrich

Liaison Secretary Indonesia
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –36

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“I am thrilled to see the dynamic developments in Indonesian society and the clear desire of our partner churches to see themselves as part of this society and play and active role in it.”

Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme (EYVP)

Photo of Birgit  Grobe-Slopianka

Birgit Grobe-Slopianka

Head of Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme and Youth Network Unit
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –51

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"I am continuously in touch with the youth - I know what their concerns and hopes are. Internationality opens horizons."

Basel Mission German Branch (BMDZ)

Photo of Dieter  Bullard-Werner

Dieter Bullard-Werner

Executive Secretary Basel Mission German Branch
Tel.: + 49 711 636 78 –62

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„I would like to help carry the traditional work of the Basel Mission forward into the present day and, with our partner churches, inquire about how mission can gain profile in the 21st century.“

Programmes and Projects

Photo of Christine  Grötzinger

Christine Grötzinger

Head of Unit Support of Programmes and Projects
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –34

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“The experience of Indonesian churches in dialogue with Islam, in fighting poverty and working for human rights is extremely valuable for the EMS Fellowship.”

Intercultural Learning and Gender

Photo of Gabriele  Mayer

Gabriele Mayer

Head of Corporate Unit Gender / Head of Intercultural Learning Unit
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –38

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“We can only tread the path towards more gender justice together, as women and men. The jointly developed EMS Gender Policy can be an effective tool to this effect.”


Photo of Angelika  Jung

Angelika Jung

Coordinator / Head of Corporate Unit Fundraising
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 -63

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Photo of Regina  Karasch-Böttcher

Regina Karasch-Böttcher

Secretary / Head of Corporate Unit Press and Public Relations
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 - 85

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"I see my task in building bridges and opening doors, not only for Christians in the congregations, but also for those who are standing outside. After my studies, I spent half a year at the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. This time shaped my life: In Cameroon, church doors are always open. God´s invitation is for everybody - This is what the EMS stands for."

Administration and Finance

Photo of Fabian  Ferreira da Silva

Fabian Ferreira da Silva

Head of IT Unit
Tel.: +49 711 636 - 17

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Photo of Cathrin  Kaufmann

Cathrin Kaufmann

Head of Human Resources
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 –18

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„ Especially captivating for me is how multifaceted my work is: I accompany people in a wide range of working processes, in different development stages of their personality and of the organization they work for. The international orientation of the EMS is another factor which motivated me to become the head of the human resources unit.”

Photo of Anja  Straub

Anja Straub

Head of Administration of Donations Unit
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 -28

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Photo of Dorothea  Wagner

Dorothea Wagner

Head of Distribution Unit
Tel.: +49 711 636 78 -71

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„Sales – the gate to distribution is the sales sector: I am working at the pivotal point of information, products and people from different cultures and different continents. That is challenging every day. It keeps me on my toes. We constantly need to attract new customers and get them interested in our work and products. That´s what I campaign for!”