Who we are

Worldwide network

Church at the local level and worldwide, in common witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ - EMS links people of different languages and cultures in three continents. 23 Protestant churches and five mission societies in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East form a network of historical, long-term partnerships.

Friendly relations exist with other churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America through Mission 21 and the Missionary Association of the Moravian Church in Germany.

Our Vision

That His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

We want to bring forth:

• a growing community of churches and missions, growing in faithfulness, membership, strength and interconnectedness

• a membership fully realizing its ownership of EMS

• responsibilities within the EMS Fellowship equally and fairly distributed

• the work of EMS internationalized in all aspects

• cooperation with EMS and participation within EMS, especially as concerns the youth, become attractive

• EMS becomes one of the crucial ecumenical knots within the ecumenical network.

Our Cooperation

The Mission Council meeting in June 2014 in Gwangju, Korea, focussed on EMS as a web of "holy spiders". The network reflects the growing potential of non-hierarchical information, communication and action-taking throughout the world. Widely spread groups can easily contact each other, develop ideas and programmes. The governing system and the institutions of EMS are in such a much wider and broader network, junctions with their specific functions. Other junctions and parts of the web - youth, women, volunteers, missionaries, students, and seminaries - can find ways of interacting among themselves and with the wider web. By confining institution-building and the formalization of relations to a minimum, EMS will be able to encourage and empower groups within its web to find each other. Bilateral and multilateral relations shall be encouraged. The Secretariat in Stuttgart works on behalf of the EMS Fellowship and will - continuing with the given tasks of promoter and supporter of programmes and projects - further develop into

• a facilitator or provider of web-weaving,

• a resource of information and knowledge,

• a supporter for those who move inside the web,

• a promoter of processes,

• a space for organized memory,

• an observer of processes in order,

• an entry point for those who want to access the web,

• an instigator for new junctions or sub-webs.

Our Involvement in the Ecumenical World

In the same picture, EMS fits well into the existing web of ecumenical networks. All EMS members are parts of other networks as well - national bodies, regional cooperations, confessional families, cooperations and platforms of missions, and worldwide alliances. Practically all of them relate to the ecumenical family with their focal point Geneva. Most cooperate with the Protestant relief agencies. EMS membership does not exclude other affiliations or networking processes, but on the contrary brings additional insights and experiences into the web-weaving activities. EMS itself profits by a good interconnectedness of as many members as possible. Within our respective networks, relations to other Christian families are being developed. EMS members seek a relationship of friendship and trust with Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches. They explore the extent to which bridges towards evangelical, charismatic and Pentecostal churches can be built. They develop relationships with other faiths and people of no faith in a stance of mutual respect and under the perspective of jointly "seeking the welfare of the city where God has sent you" (Jer. 29:7).