The members

All the members of EMS have a seat and a vote in the international General Meeting, making EMS a truly ecumenical forum

Moravian Church in South Africa (MCSA)

Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)

Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa (GMIM), Indonesia

Christian Protestant Church in Bali (GKPB), Indonesia

Christian Church in South Sulawesi (GKSS),Indonesia

Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH), Indonesia

Protestant Indonesian Church in Donggala (GPID), Indonesia

Protestant Indonesian Church in Luwu (GPIL), Indonesia

Protestant Church in South-East Sulawesi (GEPSULTRA), Indonesia

Toraja Church (GT), Indonesia

Toraja Mamasa Church (GTM), Indonesia

Church of South India (CSI)

United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ)

Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)

Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East

Protestant Church in Baden

National Evangelical Church of Beirut (NECB), Lebanon

Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Württemberg

Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck (EKKW)

Protestant Church of the Palatinate (EKP)

Moravian Church

Moravian Mission Society in Germany (HMH)

German East Asia Mission

Basel Mission German Branch

Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools

Basel Mission, Switzerland