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My name is Karina Schumacher. I am a German ecologist and eco-activist. The General Secretary of the Korean Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) calls me an Eco-Missionary. Indeed I am sent by two European Mission organizations (EMS and mission 21) to work with the Korean ECMC - the Ecology Community Movement Centre of the PROK.

The amazing feature of ecology is its simplicity and complexity at the same time. We just need to understand that everything is related and interdependent. If a part of it is destroyed the whole system becomes volatile. Easy, isn't it? But where is the relation to you and me? What does it mean for our everyday life? To convey those questions and possible answers is the reason that I am in Korea since January 2012.


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PhD at the Seoul National University


Seollal - Lunar New Year

Happy New Year - again!


Business Trip to the South Jeolla Province

PROK Mission Consultation and Eco-Center Committee Meeting


Visitors from Daegu

Three pastors and their families at NARI Café


Education Fair in Seoul

Education is Future


Sumbi Sori Youth Retreat

The Sound of the Mermaids' Breath


All beginnings are difficult

And sometimes even harder