8. 11. 2017

Opening of my Environmental Education Café NARI

A dream comes true

My sincere apologies that I have not been able to report during the past two months. After the Eco-Pastors Forum, things have gone haywire. At the end of September, the annual General Assembly of the PROK was held in Kyeongju, which always binds all forces. At the beginning of October, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Korea, the country's most important family festival. Then the eco-center board meeting in October took place in Daecheon on the west coast, after that I was in Jeonju for 3 days to translate at an exchange program and on the 23rd we (finally, finally!) celebrated the opening of my environmental education café NARI! Oh, and by the way, I have moved house. It has been exciting weeks.

I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me so far in thought and prayer!