18. 08. 2017

Finalizing the contract for my environmental cafe "NARI"

All beginnings are difficult.

In mid August, I signed the contract for a 25m² office space with the support of Rev. KAHN Honam, the pastor of Yeongju Central Church. Just a 3-minute walk from the church, my dream of an environmental education café finally seems to become true. Before that, however, there are still a bunch of hurdles.

Already at the first critical inventory of the space, it became obvious that a renovation is urgently necessary. The landlady refused any participation. Anyway, the decline of my funding application for money from the EMS Small Projects Fund was more a problem as I suddenly was left without any initial funding.

After a few days of agonizing uncertainty as to how to proceed, I got the positive signal from both the eco-center and the church in Yeongju that we will somehow manage to get things going. In the next church meeting, the elders of Yeongju Central Church decided to take over the organization and financing of the renovation. And the ECMC put the fundraising for the cafe on the agenda of the Environmental Pastors' Forum in early September.

I am very grateful for the willingness to help and very excited how things will proceed now! I would like to thank all who will accompany me on this path in their thoughts and prayers. Be blessed!