20. 08. 2018

Handicraft-Market in Yeongju

Handmade beauties and delicacies

On each third Saturday of the month, the Yeongju Art Square hosts a market that brings together handicraft artisans. My friend Jina, who is a perfume atrist, had invited me to sell home-baked muffins. I gladly accepted the offer and spent hours in the kitchen the day before to bake a total of 90 small cakes in three flavors: apple cinnamon, peach almond and pizza. We harvested the peaches in Museom ourselves.

The market was a complete success. Even though I found it terribly tiring to wait six hours that
someone would like to have cake in a closed room despte the wonderful summer weather outside (finally not so hot anymore). I'm definitely not a born saleswoman, I'd rather bake for 6 hours. Other stalls offered soap, porcelain, hair clips, floral arrangements, bags, brooches and clothing.

Most of the approximately 250 visitors were womenin their 30s to 60s. Some brought with their children or slightly older daughters, others came with their friends. In the end, I sold 60 muffins and was quite satisfied. Even if the revenue at a price of 2 dollars per piece barely covered the expenses. At least, I need to buy many things like hand mixers and transport boxes
only once, and we plan to get expensive ingredients such as butter and cheese in a wholesale market next time. The eggs we can collect from our own chickens and the 3kg pack of flour is enough for the next event as well.

What I noticed was that I have to sharpen the profile of my NARI Café a bit more. With the statement, it is a café that is not always open, but prepares coffee and cake
on request to talk about environmental issues together and like to offer on-site nature experience activities, most people could not imagine what I mean. I should perhaps put together a detailed and yet clear info flyer.