23. 08. 2017

Alarming news from Naeseong River

Press Conference in Museom

On August 21, "my" river drew sad attention when it was in the countrywide news. Only a few months after the Yeongju Dam was put into operation, algae had grown in the water reservoir on a frightening scale. It was quickly announced that this situation would be an exceptional phenomenon, as manure from nearby farms had accidentally been released into the river. As a result, the telephones were running hot in Museom, and tourists were cancelling their booked stays. Who wants to splash in liquid manure?

Now (finally) the village leaders were compelled to take a stance on the case. In the press conference that was arranged in a hurry, in cooperation with the Naeseong Conservation Group, a statement was read, stating:

"We are calling for an immediate stop of waste water (polluted water) discharge from the dam. We demand the examination of the water quality by the Environmental Ministry. We demand the protection of our water resources and the sandy riverbanks in Museom. We call for the process of marshiness to be stopped and the original environmental situation to be restored. We are demanding an investigation of the environmental impact of the Yeongju Dam."