Global Learning With Children


YOU + ME: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD is an educational programme for children at a Children's Service and primary school. Children get to know one another worldwide. They meet at eye level in an ecumenical context. And they are open for what they share and where they differ. In their own blog an international editoral team writes about different aspects of Global Learning and news of the children's programme.

The friends Emso and Pipit

Emso the Elephant and Pipit the Bird accompany the children on their journey worldwide. They also lead through the workbooks and educational materials. Together with children all over the world, Emso and Pipit discover different countries, cultures and religions.

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Booklets on Global Learning

In order to strengthen international relations, the programme offers focused, bilateral actions and booklets where children share their view on issues and concerns relevant to their lives.

Booklet "Let's share our faith" Children's Service International

Singing, praying and crafting together. All over the world children go to church. In a children's service they often hear Bible stories. Yet, what do children discover worldwide in the Bible and what is important to them? What moves them? The booklet "Let's share our faith" of the children's service international has been written so that children all over the world can tell others what they think about these questions. The booklet is available in English, German, Indonesian, Korean and Kisuaheli.

Booklets on Epiphany

All over the world children celebrate festivals. One of them is Epiphany which is celebrated on January 6. There are two booklet available for the children's Service: One introduces the feast of Epiphany in general, the other one is about Epiphany and an artwork from Jordan.

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