Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN)

The Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (Ekklesiyar Yan´uwa a Nigeria: EYN) has its home in the northeast of the country and is a young and fast growing church. Started in 1923, it has meanwhile grown to over 350,000 members. The seat of the church leadership is Kwarhi near the town of Mubi. Since 1959, its work has been supported by the Basel Mission, in particular project monitoring.

Church life has a strongly inviting character. The EYN is also active in pastoral care. Its work concentrates on rural development, basic health services, HIV and AIDS and literacy. Budding theologians are trained at the Kulp Bible College in Kwarhi. A distance learning programme "TEE" (Theological Education by Extension) gives interested lay people the chance to train in theology.

Continuing violence in northern Nigeria perpetrated by the Islamic sect known as "Boko Haram" has hit the EYN hard. By the middle of 2013, 149 church members had been killed by attacks and 14 EYN churches had been set on fire. Although worship services are still well attended, they take place in constant fear of attack and often under the protection of the police and the military.

From its origins, the EYN is a church of peace which rejects any form of military violence. In the present crisis situation it is committed to active peace work which runs across all religious boundaries. It focuses on education in schools and seminary work for adults.

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