Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS)

A church-goer in South Sudan. A church-goer in South Sudan.

The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) started in 1903. The "mother church" was the Presbyterian Church of the USA. Together with local support, the missionaries they sent founded the new church. Since 1974, there have been partner relationships between mission 21 and the PCOSS which have never been interrupted despite the civil war.

In July 2011, the Republic of South Sudan was the youngest state on Earth to gain its independence. The PCOSS is facing enormous challenges in the new state. Firstly, it must build its own infrastructure; secondly, it is expected to make a contribution to building up the young state, mainly by training midwives in the town of Leer. As before, peace work is an important activity in the church since very different ethnic groups must coexist in the PCOSS. The core tasks of the church include gender and youth work, rural development work and the theological training of Evangelists and pastors in bible schools.

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