Partners in China

China Christian Council (CCC)

The CCC is the association of Protestant Christians in China. China's growing parishes need well trained pastors, especially in view of the enormous social changes. The EMS supports the China Christian Council with theological training. Many Protestant parishes belong to the China Christian Council (CCC) and are organised in the so-called Three-Self Patriotic Movement (self-government - self-support - self-propagation).

Amity Foundation

The Amity Foundation is a social welfare foundation started by Christians. It tries to improve people's living conditions through numerous projects in the field of primary health care, rural development and education. The EMS supports the Amity Foundation in conducting a programme which strengthens small NGOs.

Christianity in China

Since 1978, the Chinese constitution has guaranteed the free exercise of religion as long as these activities are not directed against the state, for example no interference by other nations in Chinese interests. Today, there are between 30 and 70 million Christians with a fast growing tendency.

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