Tsung Tsin Mission in Hongkong (TTM)

The first China missionaries of the Basel Mission arrived in Hong Kong in 1847. In the first few years, the missionaries were mainly active in Hong Kong and areas on the mainland close by. Later, they expanded their sphere of influence to several districts in the east of the Province of Guangdong.

Even before the Tsung-Tsin Church gained its independence in Guangdong Province in 1924, the church in Hong Kong became independent. When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, the church in Hong Kong was no longer able to maintain contacts with the church in the People's Republic. Today, there are again close ties to parishes on the mainland.

In 2013, a work camp took place with young participants from China, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland. The TTM has about 9,000 members in 22 parishes. It runs five secondary schools, four primary schools and several kindergartens. It maintains six children's homes, a youth centre, a nursing home and two day centres for senior citizens.

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