Churches in Malaysia

Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM)

The Basel Mission/Mission 21 has relations with two churches in Sabah. The BCCM has 25,000 members in the Chinese area and 45,000 in the indigenous area. It was founded around 1880 by Chinese immigrants who, as a result of the work of the Basel Mission, adopted the Christian faith. The Basel Christian Church of Malaysia is known for its schools and for the only Protestant theological training centre in Sabah: the Sabah Theological Seminary (STS). In addition the church runs three schools for immigrant children.

Protestant Church in Sabah, Malaysia (PCS)

The second church with which BMDZ has relations is the Protestant Church in Sabah (PCS). It has 40,000 members in more than 250 parishes. The work of the Basel Mission among the Rungus tribe in Sabah on the Kudat peninsula (East Malaysia) only started in 1952. After a period of rapid growth, the two parishes set up on the two peninsulas of Kudat and Bengkoka were united into a single church, the Protestant Church in Sabah, in 1966. Since then, men and women are trained besides their occupations in church duties which they perform in the evenings and on Sundays.

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