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You have become aware of the EMS?

Not without reason. The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity is a strong fellowship joined in faith in Jesus Christ. Its 28 members are Protestant churches and associations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. They work together in God's mission for the world. About 23 million people belong to the association. Its reach is greater since a lot that happens in the EMS is for the good of all.

We stand behind every one of our projects. Our co-workers are regularly on site. But we do not conceal the fact that not everything runs smoothly all the time. Working for others also means overcoming hard times and suffering setbacks.

Looking forward and joining in: as a mission society we have had 200 years of practice - that's how deep the roots of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity go back in history. We rely on your help so that we can continue this path.