Contributing membership

You know that good staff is part of good cooperation - become a sponsoring member

People who invest their heart and mind on behalf of the churches in Africa, the Middle East and Asia work in the EMS-Secretariat:

  • We keep close contacts to the churches overseas.
  • We carry out joint programmes.
  • We send co-workers and young volunteers.
  • We conduct worship services and give lectures.
  • We participate in actions.
  • We support volunteer workers.
  • We invite guests to international conferences.
  • We accompany projects.
  • We report on our work.

We do this out of conviction and you feel it when you deal with us.

Become a sponsoring member. Your reliable contribution supports our work. It shows us that you appreciate what we do.

What we do

You receive our quarterly magazine "darum-journal".

  • If you wish, you receive information electronically, e.g. the newsletter in English.
  • We invite you to EMS events.
  • We issue you with an annual donation receipt.

What you do

  • You support us with an annual donation.
  • You decide on the amount yourself starting with a minimum contribution of EUR 60.
  • You issue us with a direct debit authorisation.
  • You tell what you think of our work - criticism helps.
  • You can cancel your sponsoring membership at any time very simply.