You are thinking about your future - you endow and bequeath

  • You are thankful that you have led a secure life.
  • You have received good things and you want to share what you have.
  • It worries you that people in other countries have to fight for their future.
  • You have experienced that it is the churches whose work is closest to the people.
  • You think long-term and know that churches in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Germany are reliable partners.
  • You want to achieve something that goes beyond you.

Donate a sum to an existing foundation. Consider one of our foundations in your will or set up your own foundation under the umbrella of the EMS.  

What we do  

We have set up four foundations under the umbrella of the EMS:

Each of our foundations is supervised by an executive board and a board of trustees or a foundation council. The bodies bear the responsibility for investing funds profitably and ensure that the revenue benefits the purpose defined in the articles of the foundation.  

What you do  

  • You allow us to advise you on how to bequeath the foundation which appeals to you the most.
  • You donate or name us in your bequest.
  • Inform us whether you wish to be publicly named as donor, e.g. on our website.