Feminism in East Asia

DOAM Conference

Time: 2.6., 17:00 am - 4.6., 13:00 am

Event location: Mission EineWelt, Neuendettelsau, Germany

Women in East Asia still find themselves in male-dominated structures today. In the course of global feminist movements, young women developed a stronger awareness of discrimination and gender-based violence. More recently, this gave rise to counter-movements, which also found expression on the internet. With the expertise of speakers from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, these controversies will be examined. Spiritual, theological and political approaches will provide a multi-faceted insight. In conversation and by working together, we want to learn to uncover and transform oppressive structures.

Please register at:
Mission EineWelt, Referat Bildung Global
Hauptstra├če 2, 91564 Neuendettelsau
Tel.: +49 9874 9-1703
E-Mail: bildung.global@dont-want-spam.mission-einewelt.de

Closing date: 15.03.2023

All further information can be found in the conference program.