19.12.16 | News, A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember...

Yessica Fridolia from Indonesia takes part in the South-South exchange of EMS. The young woman supports the children's ward of the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital in Ghana for six months. In her second report she writes about the food in the hospital
Yessica Fridolia (in the middle) at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital.

During her voluntary service at the hospital Yessica Fridolia (in the middle) meets new people every day. (Photo: Yessica Fridolia)

Since the first day I started working at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital as a volunteer I had one question: How do the patients receive their meals? In my home country patients get served by the staff of the hospital but I did not see this here in Ghana. So I went to Sandra the canteen chef of the hospital and asked her. She told me: "If the patients want food from the hospital they have to pay more. Therefore, most of them prepare the food themselves or buy it in the canteen."

Now it made sense to me why I never saw any food trolleys in the hallways of the hospital. Instead, the hospital has a kitchen, a place for the families of the patients where they can prepare meals for their sick loved ones. The kitchen is big enough so that more than one person can cook in it at the same time. And it does not have operating hours which makes it possible for the families to cook for their relatives whenever they need it.

My job at the hospital is to learn with the children who have to stay here. Every morning I can see from my classroom through the window women entering the kitchen nearby and start cooking. Sometimes I can even smell the fried rice, the fried plantain or other food and I love to watch and hear the women speaking in Twi language. Although I only understand some words I also have to laugh when I hear their laughter. And sometimes it is not laughter but tears and desperation which I see on their faces. But when the women finish their cooking they will always go back to the ward and are strong again. Their strength and their energy are very impressing.

Yessica Fridolia