01.05.17 | News, Project of the Month

Medical Treatment for People in Need

In May, the Project of the Month comes from Cameroon
The health services of the PCC give uncomplicated assistance.

Young and old patients receive medical attention in the hospital of Manyemen. (Photo: Mission 21)

offIn Cameroon, about 70 percent of the population have no or difficult access to medical treatment. Especially, in the rural areas there are few doctors, the health services of the government are predominantly located in the cities. Many people in the Cameroonian villages do not know how to feed their families. Understandably, there is no money left to visit a doctor in a city far away.

Therefore, the work of non-governmental organisations and churches is very important in that area. The Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC), a partner church of Mission 21/BMDZ takes over responsibility: The church hospital Manyemen helps the people with its stationary and non-stationary service. It also cares for chronically ill people and incurable people with AIDS or leprosy. More than 4.500 people live in the area of the clinic - most of them are farmers and their families.

Regularly, the staff in the hospital has to cope with technical problems. Important devices break down, the water and power supply facilities are outdated and the staff and patients do not have light in the night. For that reason, Mission 21/Basel Mission supports the clinic not only with financial contributions but also with qualified personnel like Martin Witmer. The electrical engineer from Germany trains young people on-site to become hospital technicians. Together they already restored the water supply facility and fixed an X-ray system. A big wish of the hospital is the installation of a photovoltaic system. "Such projects which improve the opportunities of the clinic and the work and life at the hospital are only made possible through donations", says Martin Witmer. He experiences how the joint work and training makes life worth living for the patients, the staff and "his" young employees.

Every spring, the doctors visit patients in remote areas in order to lower the mortality rate of mothers. They organize information events about family planning, prenatal care and raise awareness for labours in the hospital.