02.10.17 | News

Against the Sad Trend

The new Schneller magazine presents growing churches in the Middle East

The current Schneller magazine focuses on a little-known phenomenon: growing churches in the Middle East. It might seem surprising to report on growing and emerging churches after years of continuous reports on the suffering and the plight of Christians in that world region. But Christians from all over the world, especially from developing countries, come to work in the Arabian Gulf or Israel and find a home in the churches there. Non-Christians find in the Christian faith something they have not found in their former religion. Churches in the Middle East also grow because people are converting. Those who are interested in the religious coexistence in the Middle East should not miss this page of the medal.

However, we don't want to forget the suffering and tragedy of those brothers and sisters who are threatened by persecution and who don't see any longer their future in their homeland. We are still with them in solidarity. This Schneller Magazine is much more an excursion to a little-known side of the diversity of Christian life in the Middle East.

Read more in the new issue of the Schneller Magazine.

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