06.02.17 | News, Project of the Month

Goat and Pig breeding – A Way Out of Poverty

In February, the Project of the Month comes from Indonesia
Pig breeding in Indonesia

Helping people to help themselves: Raising pigs is a new source of income for farmers in remote Indonesian areas. (Photo: EMS/Waltz)

Five piglets, ten bags of cement and about 70 Euro for food and medicine. For 34 year-old Antonius, who lives with his wife and three children in a small town in South Sulawesi, those numbers show him a way out of poverty. The family does not own land but cultivates the land of others. After the harvest, they receive grain as a payment which leaves them with hardly enough food or money to survive. If there is a crop failure the family is left with barely anything.

But the pig breeding project of the Protestant Church in South-East Sulawesi (GEPSULTRA) offers Antonius another string to his bow and he looks confidently ahead. The programme of the church wants to empower women and men in rural areas and to improve their economic conditions. Therefore, in May 2014 the church started breeding piglets and gave them out to members of different congregations. They fatten the animals over six to eight months before they sell them profitably. During the breeding process the participants get professional support and receive basic economic knowledge in how to run a small business. They learn how to properly handle animals and which food and medicine they need.

With the ten bags of cement Antonius was able to build a small stable for his animals. With the money he bought concentrated feed and medicine for the piglets. After seven months, the farmer already has sold three of his pigs. Parts of the income he reinvested in new piglets. "Pig breeding is economically very helpful especially for us as a family as we do not own our own land that we can cultivate," says Antonius. "The pig breeding is very promising and we want to thank our church and the fellowship in Germany who have been supporting us in this business".

After the end of the programme the pig breeding project shall be able to continue without the help of others. Also, farmers which have not yet participated in the project shall take part.

Goat and Pig Breeding in Donggala

The Indonesian Protestant Church in Donggala has also started an animal breeding project for their poorest members. Especially women shall receive the opportunity to strengthen their economic condition and contribute to the family income by breeding pigs or goats. At the beginning of the project, they take part in workshops with experts before they put theory into practice. The guiding principle of this project: Helping people to help themselves.

Elisa Heiligers