06.11.17 | Project of the Month

Help for People in Need

In November, the project of the month comes from South Korea

Kim Sung-Min is 81 years-old and takes care of her two grandchildren as well as her son. The father of the children cannot work because of a disease and an alcohol addiction. Despite her old age, the Korean woman maintains the household and borrowed some land to grow vegetables and raise farm animals. Her main aim is to provide for her grandchildren and offer them a regular life.

To support her and her grandchildren the women of the Diakonia Sisterhood visited the family once a week providing educational service for the children as well as food and other daily necessities. Sometimes a friendly ear and counselling was all the family needed. Furthermore, the Sisterhood provided the father of the children medical treatment which helped to restore his health. After six months of intensive care the situation of the family improved and the father is now able to help with the farm work. 14-year-old Haeji received a scholarship to finish her school. She also helps her grandmother with the laundry and cleaning and recently learnt to cook some simple dishes.

The Diakonia Sisterhood in South Korea does not only run an elderly home where 50 senior citizens found a new home, the sisters also take care for needy, elderly people in the port of Mokpo. They hand out scholarships for children of poor backgrounds and help refugees with advice and counselling. For more than 30 years the Diakonia Sisterhood provides practical assistance to people in need.

Elisa Heiligers

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