10.11.17 | News

Epiphany Materials 2018

Modules for the Christmas worship service or Epiphany

The EMS Epiphany Programme 2018 places its focus on the Middle East. An international editorial team has designed materials to create a worship service for this Christmas. The acclaimed Jordanian artist Boulos Haddadin provides the pictorial stimulus with his collage entitled "Epiphany".

The 12-page collection of materials for pastors is available free of charge with immediate effect. The collection contains information about Jordan, intercessions and prayers as well as ideas for sermons, information about the collage and about the artist. The centre of the booklet also includes a suggestion to create a children's worship service. Emso the Elephant and Pipit the Bird accompany the children on an adventure trip through Jordan and playfully explain to them the meaning of Epiphany. The booklet also comes with a poster (DIN A2 format) depicting this year's pictorial motif for use at the children's worship service or for display in a showcase.

In his homeland of Jordan, Anwar B. Haddadin (born 1963) is known for his works which are a blend of acrylic paint and collage technique. The artist has already received many awards. Most recently, Haddadin was commissioned to design the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Kingdom of Jordan. He designed the "Epiphany" collage, with its warm yellow and orange colours, especially for the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity in 2017. "Inspiration for the picture comes from the story of the three wise men from the east who were guided by the star to visit the newly born Jesus in the manger," explains Haddadin. "You can see the town of Bethlehem in the background."

Jordan possesses one of the most important pilgrimage sites to Christianity: Al-Maghtas, the site of the baptism of Jesus, despite the fact that the Arab state is predominantly Muslim. 93 percent of the 6.5 million inhabitants of Jordan profess their faith in Islam, and only four to five percent belong to a Christian church. Officially, the country has about 186,000 Christians of different denominations.

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East, a member church of the EMS, is particularly committed to peace, dialogue and reconciliation in the region during the turbulent times of the Middle East conflict. The church also sponsors the Theodor Schneller School in the Jordanian capital of Amman. For many years, the school has supported both Christian and Muslim children from disadvantaged families and offers them the chance of a better life. The collections from the Epiphany worship service 2018 will therefore go to the work of the two Schneller schools in Jordan and Lebanon.

Order the 12-page booklet and poster by email at info@dont-want-spam.ems-online.org or call +49 711 63678 60. We will be delighted to send you DIN A5 cards in any quantity free of charge for distribution at the worship service. You can also download all the materials.