19.08.17 | News

EKHN Strengthens International Partnership

During the International Partnership Consultation in Arnoldshain delegates from countries worldwide met to discuss perspectives and challenges of church partnership in a fast changing world
Participants during the international partnership consultation of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau.

The international participants had fruitful discussions during the partnership consultation. (EMS/Heiligers)

"There is a lot of commitment required to hold on partnership," says Kerstin Neumann, Head of EMS Mission and Partnership. This commitment and effort could be seen during the partnership consultation of the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau in August. Delegates from all over the world came to Arnoldshain to discuss, share their experiences and face challenges together.

In different session they gave each other insight in their partnership work. All believing that church partnership relations are a way to enrich the understanding of God as Kerstin Neumann stated: "All sharing discussing, intercultural learning, the worshipping and celebrating partnership means to weave ever more beautiful images of God and to perceive us as valuable and interdependent members of one body".

In her lecture to the delegates the Head of Mission and Partnership at EMS made clear that partnership is not always easy as misunderstandings and frustration take place. But Neumann sees it also as a chance "to involve all the people who make up the church irrespective of theological degrees and hierarchical status."

Only together one can fight the challenges in the world. Therefore, mission societies have the task to reach out further and cooperate with others. "These others may not even be Christian churches, movements, agencies alone, they may be secular or belonging to other religious traditions - if only they struggle along towards the same goals and values with us, be it the preservation of creation, universal human rights or the fight against violence and war," says Kerstin Neumann.

To reach these aims together and strengthen the international partnerships within the EKHN and also within EMS the delegates at the consultation in Arnoldshain will work together on solutions in the upcoming days.