21.06.17 | News

"You See Me"

Schneller Magazine publishes thoughts from the Middle East about marginalized people

"You are the God who sees me." The Kirchentag (German Protestant Church Convention) has chosen this verse as its slogan for its 2017 gathering in Berlin and Wittenberg end of May. We have asked people from the Middle East to share with us their thoughts on this Bible verse. These words are spoken by Hagar the slave woman who bore Abraham's first child after her previous life had ended in the desert. Nobody wanted to see her any more except God who found her exactly there, in the desert.

We are living in a time when the isolation of states as well as ethnic and religious groups all over the world is on the increase; a time when fascist-based groups literally want to chase millions of strangers and people seeking shelter into the desert where nobody will see them any more. Ruthless attention seekers in political office are misusing the flows of refugees as a tactical means to secure their own power. But is it enough if we simply level accusations against political leaders? Are we in our churches really free from the tendency to close our eyes to those who we regard as disruptive? What about the Muslims in our midst who want to take an active part in society in their own way? What about the issue of Messianic Jews whose presence is felt as a disruptive factor in talks with traditional Judaism? What about people on the fringe of society, with or without handicaps and in whatever form of life they may be? And what about the often male-dominated countries in the Middle East where the Schneller schools are situated? Where are those who stand up for the rights of women and children?

This issue of Schneller Magazine allows men and women from different countries, religions and beliefs to express their concerns on those who are marginalized. They speak up on behalf of those we often overlook. It does not matter whether we agree with their individual position or not. But one thing is certain: God sees these people. Who would we be with our traditional magazine of many voices if we also failed to cast our eyes upon them?

Read more in the new issue of the Schneller Magazine.

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