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Continuing the process of healing and reconciliation

Dr. LEE Hong Jung elected as General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)
Dr. LEE Hong Jung during a lecture

Dr. LEE Hong Jung, General Secretary of the NCCK (Photo: EMS/Waltz)

The Presidium and General Secretariat of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) congratulated Dr LEE Hong Jung from the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) on his election as General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK). “It is with great pleasure that we learnt of your election!”, wrote Jürgen Reichel, General Secretary of the EMS in his letter of congratulation. “At the EMS we rely on the long-standing cooperation with the NCCK. God willing, we will continue our mutual support during these times where globalisation on the one hand, and new forms of aggressive nationalism on the other are threatening peace, justice and God’s creation in many parts of the world."

From 2012 to 2016, LEE Hong Jung was General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) which has over 2.2 million members. It is one of the largest churches in Korea and a member church of the EMS. The theologian and social ethicist from Seoul has long been committed to peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula. “If we have a mentality shaped by the Cold War, we as churches will be unable to start a process of healing and reconciliation.” LEE has been working in the interests of the EMS for many years and is member of the EMS General Meeting.

The “National Council of Churches in Korea” (NCCK) was founded under the name of the “Chosun Christian Joint Council” in 1924. The two Korean member churches of the EMS belong to the NCCK, i.e. the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) and the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK). Since 1996, the NCCK in South Korea together with the Korean Christian Federation (KCF/North Korea) have called a joint prayer service at Easter every year. The member churches of the EMS also join in prayer at this time.

Regina Karasch-Böttcher

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