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Cora-Marlen Jess who did a voluntary service in Japan

For the first time Cora-Marlen Jess took part in an EMS Youth Network meeting. (Photo: Joel Atum Velimsky)

Cora-Marlen Jess is a former volunteer of the North-South exchange of EMS who stayed in Japan for six months. In May 2017, she joined an EMS Youth Networking meeting in Spangenberg. In an interview with EMS, Cora shares her impression of the Network and the challenges of young people in the world.

How do you see the EMS Youth Network? Why did you want to join this meeting?

I joined this meeting to find out what the EMS Youth Network is about and what they are doing. I hope that the Youth Network makes it possible to have an exchange with other young people from Germany and other countries. This is quite important for me because I do not have many friends that share the same experience of being a volunteer in another country. It is really nice to meet other young people that I can talk to and who understand me and have similar goals they want to achieve.

I also joined this meeting so that volunteers from other countries who come to Germany can feel more like home. They shall see that there are people who care about them and they can rely on. They can talk to us and ask us any question they might have.

What are your hopes for the Youth Network and your message to all EMS Youth?

I hope that many more young people get involved in the EMS Youth Network. Sometimes it is difficult to reach all the people that could be involved as they are really busy and do not have time to join.

My message to the youth of the EMS member churches is that we have to help each other in many areas: education, friendship or sharing experiences. It is important that we can help, learn and support each other and let others profit from our work. Maybe the older ones can teach the younger ones more things so that we all work together.

What do you think are the challenges young people face all over the world right now?

I think one of the problems young people are facing in this world is education. It is difficult to give a general example for that problem as it differs strongly from one country to another. But I will try to draw a comparison:

In Germany, the education level is quite high but in my opinion the children do not learn enough about how to "survive" in the world, how to manage a household or how to treat each other. Besides, they should learn more about politics, economics and cultural aspects. Even if they know a lot about mathematics or science, I think most of them are not really prepared for what is going on in the world or how to live independently.

In other countries, children not even learn how to write or read. Often times, the school system needs to be improved and teachers should be educated about different forms of teaching. Sometimes people from other countries come and try to tell them how they should teach but I think it would be best if they find out for themselves. Besides, many children do not have the possibility to go to school since they cannot reach it or they have to help at home. Still, they might know many things about managing the household, caring for each other or how to survive.

These are two extreme examples, but I think it would be best if we collect what is best in every country and combine these things. For that, it would be good if we exchange ideas and profit from each other so that every country can figure out the best way to educate.

The interview was conducted by Mega Kamase Sambo.

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