17.07.19 | News

Regional Group of the EMS Youth Network founded in South Africa

Members agree on future goals and structure.

Members and guests of the regional group meeting in South Africa. (Photo: EMS/Daniels)

On the last weekend of June, the regional group of the International EMS Youth Network in South Africa met for the first time and defined its future structure and agenda. The group met with members of the Moravian Youth Union (MYUSA) of the Moravian Church of South Africa (MCSA), with current volunteers of the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme and with the local youth in Elim.

The former volunteers, Nangamso Tshula (Volunteer in the South-North Programme in Germany) and Shaun Engel (Volunteer in the South-South Programme in Indonesia), provided information on the youth work of the EMS and the Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme.

The group wants to meet twice a year and intends to offer support for the German volunteers during their assignment. Future South-North volunteers will be supported in preparing for their assignment in Germany. In addition, members of the regional group will visit the local youth groups of the MCSA and act as ambassadors of the EMS. They intend to inform them about the worldwide community of the EMS and its opportunities.

A further goal is to connect with regional Youth Network groups of the other member churches of the EMS. Through the International Bible Project of the EMS “Reading the Bible through the eyes of another” they want to gain experience of how their social environment influences their understanding of biblical texts. Common topics, such as sustainability or the dwindling interest of young people in the church, should also be discussed among the members of the group. Inspiring goals that spread a sense of optimism. Shaun Engel has put it in a nutshell: “We will continue to dream big and keep the faith that together we will grow from strength to strength!”