18.03.20 | News, Corona

Corona Crisis

Latest information from the EMS Secretariat on the precautionary measures against the Coronavirus.

Due to the corona crisis, the EMS Secretariat operates with restrictions. In order to reduce the risk of infection, employees are now working from home. This means that they are not exposed to the hazards that arise primarily from the use of public transport. “We decided on these measures out of a sense of responsibility for our employees. In order to reduce infection rates, it is now vital to avoid contact with other people – however difficult this may be for all of us,” says Kerstin Neumann, Acting General Secretary.

Planned public events are cancelled. The work of the Secretariat continues, internal meetings are replaced by telephone or video conferences.

You can reach the employees by phone as usual, also mail contacts are possible without restrictions.

The measures will apply for the time being until 19 April 2020.