26.03.20 | News

Abstinence And Dedication

The Schneller magazine deals with the topic of fasting

Fasting doesn’t play an important role in the Protestant faith. Indeed, the initiative “Sieben Wochen ohne” (Seven Weeks Without) has been established in Germany for some years now. Everyone can voluntarily decide what he or she wants to renounce from during lent. This can range from alcohol and sweets to computer games or social media. But fasting can be much more. We can learn that from our Oriental, Orthodox and Catholic brothers and sisters, who see regular fasting as a duty. For them, fasting is an active turn to God.

We found wonderful authors from the Middle East and Germany. In their very personal contributions they show that fasting doesn’t mean only abstinence but also time for intensive prayers and contemplation.

And fasting is far away from being a unique selling point of the Christian faith. For that, Jehoshua Ahrens, the Rabbi of Darmstadt, explains the meaning of fasting in the Jewish faith. And the Sheikh Sayyed Fadi Sayyed from Lebanon does the same for fasting in Islam. By the way, he is a Schneller Alumni and went to Johann Ludwig Schneller School when he was a young boy. The fact that he is still very much committed to the Schneller work shows how great the ministry of the two schools still is for the societies in the Middle East.

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