26.02.20 | News

The new "darum" magazine is out now!

Main topic: Water – Blessing and Curse

The current issue of the "darum" magazine is devoted to a life-giving but also life-threatening element – water.

Whether plants, animals or we humans: all living things have their origin in water and are dependent on it every day. The Bible also speaks of it as the source and fountain of life. Christians use water for baptism, making it a central element of their religion.

But water is an increasingly scarce resource. Distribution struggles have long started worldwide. Multinational corporations secure global rights and make access to clean drinking water expensive. The effects of climate change can also be seen particularly clearly in the example of water: in Tanzania, for example, the rhythm of the rainy seasons has become confused due to global warming – with serious consequences for agriculture.

The changing role of men in a gender-equitable society, initiatives for more corporate responsibility and an interview with the human rights activist Thomas Gebauer are further topics in the “darum”-magazine.

The “darum-journal”, which is part of the magazine, also has a lot to offer: Read how the EMS fellowships supports churches in Donggala (Indonesia) after the earthquake and tsunami. Look forward to an interview with EMS President Klaus Rieth, who shares his impressions from a journey to South Korea.  And find out which aid projects have been successfully implemented in 2019 thanks to our donors.

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The current edition of the "darum-journal" in English can now be downloaded as a free e-book on our website.