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EMS elects Presidium and Mission Council for the next six years

International composition has proven itself.

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General Assembly of Evangelical Mission in Solidarity declared open

"EMS is no longer a German organization but an international one!"

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Solidarity of EMS member churches for Sulawesi is overwhelming

When the ground moves under your feet

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EMS General Secretary abstains from second term of office

Jürgen Reichel steps down

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EMS General Secretary demands cancellation of ITEC

Victims report on the consequences of the international arms trade

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Commitment to peace and reconciliation is an indispensable part of mission

EMS Representatives at the Conference on the Peace Responsibility of Religions in Berlin

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Further steps towards internationalisation in Stellenbosch, South Africa

EMS General Meeting convenes outside Germany for the first time

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Brothers, Sisters and Strangers

Conference of Middle East and European churches in Beirut calls for bridge building between East and West

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"Common Roots, Common Paths"

Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Wuerttemberg to Host International Partnership Consultation

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Internationale Konsultation in Beirut zur Reformation im Orient

Magnificent Legacy with an Uncertain Future

International Consultation in Beirut on the Reformation in the Middle East