3. 07. 2014 | News, Archive 2014

“Reverend Christian Führer to be commemorated in Korea through continuous prayer for reunification”

In solidarity with Christians in Germany, Churches in Korea mourn the death of an outstanding role model for Christian civic engagement

"Reverend Christian Führer is an example for all of us," declares BAE Tae-Jin, General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. "Our country has been divided for more than 60 years. Reverend Christian Führer and his work at the Nicolai Church in Leipzig inspired us to stand up for peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Like him, we put our trust in God and not in human ideologies. Like him, we are convinced that divisions can be overcome by peaceful means. As Protestants, we believe in the power of God's Word and not in arms. The peaceful reunification of Germany, made possible by prayer and manifestations in Leipzig, is living proof of the power of Christian hope. As Christians in Korea, we are convinced that the wall dividing our country will fall as well, although the strategic interests of the powers surrounding us aim at its perpetuation."

Beginning in Lent 2014, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea has instituted its own Monday Evening Prayer for Peaceful Reunification. "We will meet and pray every Monday evening until our country is reunited," says Reverend BAE Tae-Jin.

During its meeting in Korea, the EMS Mission Council participated in the Monday Evening Prayer in Seoul. "We are thankful for the support of the EMS member churches in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, among them the Protestant churches in South-Western Germany. Reverend Christian Führer will be commemorated in Korea through our continuous prayer for reunification."

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