8. 11. 2010 | News, Archive 2010

Recognising more common ground

Mission encompasses the invitation to faith and likewise fighting poverty and working for social justice. That was the understanding of mission advocated by the organisers and speakers at the first Protestant poverty conference on “Sharing is living” in early September 2010 in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The conference, with about 400 participants, was hosted by the Schönblick Christian Guest Centre, the Compassion children’s charity (Marburg), the Micah Initiative of the German Evangelical Alliance (Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia) and the Willow Creek community (Gießen). EMS was present with about 30 other cooperation partners.

According to EMS General Secretary Rev. Bernhard Dinkelaker, the conference displayed the growing amount of common ground: “Poverty and injustice as central themes in the Bible are increasingly being taken up in evangelical circles too.” Several conference speakers from worldwide Christianity had pointed out that inviting witness and active commitment to social justice are inseparable from one another. Latin American theologian René Padilla (Buenos Aires, Argentina), one of the main theologians of the Lausanne Movement and honorary president of the Micah network, told the approximately 400 participants that Christians had too often only talked about the love of God but not shown it enough to those who suffered. The Micah Initiative was founded in 2004 by the World Evangelical Alliance, in order to tackle poverty and work for justice more resolutely and contribute to realising the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.


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