International Support

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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

Project of the month

India: Children's homes in South India

Children, and particularly girls, often lead difficult lives in India. The facilities offered by the Church of South India allow many to escape child labor and oppression.

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Korea: The Diakonia Sisterhood

Poverty in old age is also a major problem in Korea. It is only recently that pension insurance was introduced there, which is why elderly people often find themselves in financial difficulties. The Diakonia Sisterhood comes to their assistance.

Lebanon: Philemon Project

Too many children in a tiny room without any toys and there is only a TV running. This is what an illegal day care looks like for migrant and refugee children in Lebanon. Now there is hope and protection for the toddlers and their parents "under God's rainbow".

Lebanon: Johann Ludwig Schneller School

There is hope in Lebanon. Children at the Johann Ludwig Schneller School have a chance to lead a better life. They receive a school education, learn how to communicate with other cultures and prepare themselves for the future by learning a technical profession.

South Africa: Elim Home

"Every step forwards and each smile makes all our efforts more than worthwhile," says Lesinda Cunningham, head of Elim Home. Since 1963, Elim Home in South Africa has provided a place to live for children with disabilities.

Rebuilding society

South Africa: Masangane AIDS Programme

AIDS destroys the livelihood of many South Africans and their families since those infected can find no jobs and children are left as orphans. The "Masangane" project brings back hope to AIDS sufferers and to the children affected.

Indonesia: Ecological Sustainability

For many years, the tropical rain forests in Indonesia have been cleared mainly by palm oil companies. What remains is barren land and people stripped of their former source of livelihood. A Church on Sulawesi is reforesting land and helping farmers recover from poverty.