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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

Project of the month

India: Children's homes in South India

Children, and particularly girls, often lead difficult lives in India. The facilities offered by the Church of South India allow many to escape child labor and oppression.

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Indonesia: Children's Home "Entrusted Love"

Many Indonesian children and adolescents have been exposed to violence and hunger or have lost their parents or homes at an early age. They find a new home at the "Entrusted Love" children's home.

Indonesia: Musical Training for Young People

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi has many young immigrants. They often struggle with identity problems at their new residence. At the music laboratory of the Indonesian Protestant Church in Donggala they receive new prospects for the future and a musical training.

Indonesia: Sustainable Community Development

Sulawesi is one of the poorer islands in Indonesia. Religious conflicts, lack of food or the danger of AIDS are only some of the local problems. The churches are fighting intensively to sustainably improve the conditions of life in their parishes.

Indonesia: Centre for Pig Breeding

Poverty in rural areas of Indonesia is wide-spread. Despite their back-breaking work in the fields, families have scarcely enough to survive, let alone pay for visits to the doctor or to send their children to school. Breeding suckling pigs offers farmers an opportunity to secure their future.

Indonesia: Theological Training

Nine Indonesian churches are members of the EMS Fellowship. They and their congregations are all faced with both minor and major challenges.

Indonesia: Community Development with Medicinal Plants

On Bali the gap between rich and poor is wide. The inhabitants in the Catur mountain region are fighting for their daily existence. The development work of the Bali Church University has the aim of improving the situation in remote villages.