International Support

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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

India: Children's homes in South India

Children, and particularly girls, often lead difficult lives in India. The facilities offered by the Church of South India allow many to escape child labor and oppression.

India: Theological Training at KTC

India is a country of enormous cultural and religious diversity but where the gap between rich and poor is gradually growing. Indian theology students must be trained to face these challenges.

India: Theological Training

India is a very diversified country but so are the challenges which face the many co-workers of the Church of South India every day. Further training courses and workshops are designed to support them and help them in their work.

India: Learning through Living with the Poor

In India, two thirds of the people live in poverty. Over 30 percent are considered as extremely poor. Pastors from the Church of South India stand by them and support them with their problems. But for them, it is also a strain dealing with the difficult life conditions of their fellow countrymen.

India: Young adults in rural regions: It’s time for the future!

Young Indian women and men in rural areas face an uncertain future. Their lives are marked by unemployment, poverty and a lack of perspectives. The Church of South India gives them hope – in workshops young adults are taught valuable skills which give them personal and vocational orientation.

India: Empowering minorities – Ending discrimination

Although India’s constitution bans caste discrimination, reality is entirely different. Dalits and Adivasi in particular suffer from social and state discrimination. This is a situation that the Church of South India does not want to tolerate any longer.

India: Preserving God’s creation – environmental protection as church mission

“Think globally, act locally.” The Church of South India is giving a clear signal in support of environmental protection by drafting a 12-point plan. The church trains its congregation members in numerous training courses and creates awareness among Indian people to live and act sustainably.