International Support

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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

Indonesia: Rearing Animals – A Way out of Poverty

A poor economic situation, great poverty and next to no perspectives: farmers in Indonesia often live on the edge of survival. Three local churches open up better life prospects to families with an agricultural animal breeding project.

Indonesia: Centre for Pig Breeding

Poverty in rural areas of Indonesia is wide-spread. Despite their back-breaking work in the fields, families have scarcely enough to survive, let alone pay for visits to the doctor or to send their children to school. Breeding suckling pigs offers farmers an opportunity to secure their future.

Indonesia: Theological Training

Nine Indonesian churches are members of the EMS Fellowship. They and their congregations are all faced with both minor and major challenges.

Ghana: Women Rearing Small Animals

Women in Ghana were given equal rights by law in 1992. However, they are still at a disadvantage compared with men when it comes to education and the labour market. An animal rearing project developed by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana now strengthens the role of women.

Indonesia: cultivating fruit and vegetables – a way out of poverty

Many people in the rural regions of Sulawesi live in poverty. The Christian Church in South Sulawesi (GKSS) runs an agricultural project which trains farming women and men in well-founded cultivation methods to improve forming and their living standards.