International Support

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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

Project of the month

India: Children's homes in South India

Children, and particularly girls, often lead difficult lives in India. The facilities offered by the Church of South India allow many to escape child labor and oppression.

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Indonesia: Theological Training

Nine Indonesian churches are members of the EMS Fellowship. They and their congregations are all faced with both minor and major challenges.

Ghana: Eye Operations for the Poor

Many people in rural areas become affected by cataracts and go blind because they have no money for an operation or they simply know nothing about the possible therapeutic treatments. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana visits those affected and restores their sight.

India: Integrating Migrants

The new project of the Church of South India supports migrants seeking a better future after suffering a nightmare of hopelessness, exploitation and violence. Co-workers from the MITHRA Initiative act as friends to help the people face everyday challenges.