International Support

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EMS supports numerous programmes and projects in churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Click here to find out more about them:

Ghana: Health Care

Many people in Ghana cannot afford a doctor. The Presbyterian Church offers a "Poor and Sick Fund" to help these people receive medical treatment free of charge.

Ghana: Peacemakers - solving conflicts without violence

To reduce violence in Ghana, young adults, teachers and pastors are trained to solve conflicts without violence. The Peacemakers are on a mission of peace!

Ghana: Interfaith Dialogue

The various religions in Ghana mostly live peacefully side by side. To ensure that everything stays this way, private and governmental institutions support the dialogue between the religions continuously. The Presbyterian Church is also actively engaged at local level.

Ghana: Securing the Livelihood of Mothers with Disabled Children

Caring for a sick child means more than just investing a lot of time. It also involves treatment costs which often bring families to the limits of their endurance. How can we help them? The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has a solution.

Ghana: Women Rearing Small Animals

Women in Ghana were given equal rights by law in 1992. However, they are still at a disadvantage compared with men when it comes to education and the labour market. An animal rearing project developed by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana now strengthens the role of women.