Countrywide support for health matters

Health workers are out at work countrywide. They raise awareness, treat illnesses and help to check the spread of infectious diseases. The health services of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC) contribute to the countrywide health-care program. On one hand, they ensure basic care for the mainly rural and often disadvantaged population. On the other hand, the PCC is increasingly maintaining hospitals in urban areas. Attached to these there are 18 health centres in the surrounding towns and villages. Since 2007 Manyemen has been the institution to which people with HIV&AIDS go for tests and treatment. The PCC also runs three specialist clinics (an eye clinic, a dental clinic and a rehabilitation clinic), a technical centre with a workshop and a central pharmacy.

The workers are often on travel for days to get medical help to remote villages, carry out emergency treatment there, counsel pregnant women and mothers and give advice on nutrition and diet. Tropical diseases such as malaria, illnesses caused by worms and ulcers are treated on the spot. People suffering from tuberculosis or AIDS get additional medical and psychosocial advice. Leprosy and other infectious diseases are identified and the further course of medical treatment is introduced. The external teams work with local health care assistants and traditional healers.

Specially trained AIDS teams are active to raise awareness because the topic of HIV&AIDS is surrounded by considerable taboos.
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