Ghana: Interfaith Dialogue

The various religions in Ghana mostly live peacefully side by side. To ensure that everything stays this way, private and governmental institutions support the dialogue between the religions continuously. The Presbyterian Church is also actively engaged at local level.

The majority of Ghanaians (about 70 per cent) are Christian but Islam and traditional African religions also play a major role. Religious freedom is a priority in Ghana. At every public holiday, prayers from all faiths are on the agenda. At school, children get to know the different religions and learn to respect them. Many families consist of members of both Christian and Muslim faith.

Dialogue promotes peace and respect

The Presbyterian Church in Ghana (PCG) intends to preserve and promote this peace since there are occasional violent outbreaks between religious groups, even in this country. That is why the church runs the "Presbyterian Inter-faith Research and Resource Centre" (PIRRC). Co-workers often see the cause of religious conflicts in a lack of knowledge and dialogue between religions.

Dr. Solomon Sule-Saa, Dean of the PCG in the Northern Presbytery, explains it like this: "Ignorance leads to fear and mistrust, but a deeper understanding and respect for others and their faith brings peace." As a converted Muslim, Dr. Sule-Saa knows exactly what he is talking about.

Promoting genuine encounter

The PIRRC organises conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops with topics that include the relationship between Christians and Muslims from a theological and socio-political aspect, good neighbourliness and peaceful coexistence. The target groups at these events are very varied, ranging from female and male pastors, lay pastors, female and male representatives of other religions to young adults and students. However, the majority of participants are mainly women.

A four-day women's conference takes place every year when Ghanaian women of various faiths come together to discuss a variety of topics. Every individual is important when it comes to preserving peace.

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